Founded in Australia 2003, STING has is owned & operated in countries all over the globe. From Canada, USA, UK, Germany, NewZealand, Dubai and more! We are proud to design and manufacture our own high quality boxing gloves, equipment, apparel and gear. Our STING range will help everyone with their needs, regardless of your experience or skillset. From beginners to pro-fighters, there’s a STING category for you.

We focus on safety and comfort before anything else. Our gloves are anatomically designed to absorb impact and deter from injury so you can feel safe wearing STING.

At STING, it’s simple: we provide the power for your passion.



In 2003, we struggled to find high-quality boxing gear at prices people could afford. So we did what we could do best: we designed our own gear.

We saw an opportunity to supply boxing equipment that protected you and your hands whilst providing comfort to the sport.

We began by forming glove moulds and stitching it all together in a spare room of our small Melbourne-based home.

From a few friends in a spare bedroom, to offices in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, England, Greece, Germany and Dubai, we have come a long way.

Our range can be found in 25+ countries and continues to be enjoyed by boxers of all ranges, both amateur and professional.

Our Craftsmen

The craftsmen in our factory are dedicated to producing high-quality, hand-stitched gloves & gear.

Each craftsmen serves an apprenticeship and based on the quality of their work they are selected to graduate to the next most difficult product in our range.

For our handmade products, craftsmen will only produce a handful each day.



We are dedicated to producing safe and high-quality boxing gear, MMA gear, weight training gear and fitness apparel across the world.

This year we will launch further ranges into our boxing gear, and new apparel, footwear and team wear.

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