About Us

STING is a 100% Australian owned and operated boxing equipment company. We manufacture and market high quality boxing equipment for fitness enthusiasts, all the way up to Olympic and professionals’ standard competitors. From gloves to protective equipment, coaching products, accessories and punch bags; there is nothing like a STING product. The best materials, the latest design techniques and the most skilled craftsmen all come together in one factory to focus on one brand, STING. It is this distinction from our competition that positions STING as your best option for safety, performance and comfort. It’s not until you actually put one of our gloves on your hand that you can get a sense of the unrivalled excellence of STING. We hold a special place in Olympic history as the supplier to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. As an official licensee to AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) we have supplied the best events and the best countries with our world class competitive equipment. Whether you’re learning boxing for fitness, a competitive athlete trying to scale the world, or a commercial business looking for a reliable brand for your members; we have the products to give you an experience no other boxing brand can.


In 2003, two brothers saw an opportunity in the marketplace to supply boxing equipment that protected you while maximising your enjoyment of the sport. The union was the perfect combination of business experience and design engineering. They got to work cutting materials, forming moulds and stitching it all together in a spare room of their small house. From a couple of friends in a small 3x3 room to employing up to 500 people today, this is literally the story of how Sting came to be. Their first market was Australia where they drove thousands of miles to present the Sting range to Mum and Dad sports stores and boxing gyms. Their was real break was when they were selected to be one of the boxing brands represented in Australia’s largest sports retailer, Rebel Sport. From that point on they have continued to thrive to become one of the leading fitness and apparel brands in Australia. Sting now does business on fives continents and in excess of 25 countries.

Start your journey

We don’t have employees that make our products; we have technicians, we have craftsmen. We have people dedicating their professional lives to your product experience. These are people who care dearly about their work because they know someone, somewhere across the world is going to have their first Sting experience every single day.

Each craftsmen serves an apprenticeship where based on the quality of their work they are selected to graduate to the next most difficult product in our range. To give you and example only a handful of our most senior craftsmen have earned the right to produce Viper X, our most technical glove and one craftsmen produces just two pair per day.

Our Vision

Sting is and will always be a boxing equipment company. As a business we have one goal; to continue to deliver products that ensure the safety and enjoyment of boxing to our customers in fitness and elite boxing all over the world. This year we will launch into three new categories; fitness apparel, footwear and team wear apparel. Each of these three categories are both independent and complimentary of what we are known for.

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