Choosing The Correct Hand Wraps For Muay Thai or Boxing

You can't afford to go without a good set of hand wraps, whether you're pounding the heavy bag or sparring in preparation for a fight. Hand Wraps and tape are essential for protecting and supporting your wrist and knuckles, so buy from a trustable company. StingSports can help you in this regard. StingSports focuses on safety and comfort before anything else. Wearing them when exercising alone, such as shadow boxing, is also an excellent idea because it allows you to have a better sense of how your hands feel and what is most comfortable for you. When it comes to bouts, this is quite useful. Another advantage is that you can train with enough confidence that you can hit full force without fear of injury. This develops a habit and helps you become a better boxer.

How To Choose Handwraps

The first step is to choose your hand wrap type and length, which will help you stay comfortable and capable of repeating hits, especially when doing bag training. StingSports has different types and lengths of handwraps according to your need. Cloth wraps are a decent conventional choice for most boxers, while tape and gauze wraps are the lightest and most widely available options.


Handwraps are divided into two categories: Mexican style and traditional cotton. The elasticity of the wrap is the fundamental difference between the two, though there are other things to consider as well.

Traditional Cotton Handwraps

Traditional cotton handwraps, like the Fairtex Hw2 wraps, have less give and stretch to them. They have a slight learning curve to master the "feel" you desire, but they are usually more durable than their counterparts. These are good standard wraps. Traditional cotton handwraps vary in length from 180 to 210 inches, and the more protection you want, the longer the cloth should be, so you have more material to wrap your hands in.

Elastic Bandage ‘Mexican Style’

Elastic hand wraps have greater stretch than reusable cotton, making them more flexible and conforming to your hands during boxing. They don't loosen up as you exercise or fight. Our greatest asset is that when you purchase a Sting product you can trust that every step from design to finished product happened in one factor; The Sting factory. Again, which sort of wrap you employ is a matter of personal preference; test both and see which one improves your performance. They're just as durable as cloth wraps, but they don't last as long.

Length & Width

As different wraps and tapes come in different lengths, it's essential to know how much you'll need. A lot of it comes down to trial and error, but as a general guideline, the larger your hands are, the more material you'll need to wrap them tightly. Handwraps are available in a variety of lengths. We also customize according to your need. The general rule is that bigger is better. You can always wrap the extra wrap around a few more times, but running out of wrap before you're comfortable with it is always a surprise. Today, words rarely have the backing up of actions. At every step of the design, manufacturing, and materials acquisition process, it is our actions that reveal who we are. Our promise to you is that we will exceed your expectations. Our HandWraps are anatomically designed to absorb impact and deter injury so you can feel safe wearing STING. Visit StingSports for quality Canada boxing products. 
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