Boxing Ontario unites with STING

Boxing Ontario, the governing body for amateur boxing in the province of Ontario, Canada, has partnered with STING to grow the sport of boxing in the province. This partnership is likely to involve a variety of initiatives and programs designed to promote and develop the sport of boxing in Ontario.

STING being the official supplier and partner of Boxing Ontario, provides the official gloves and equipment for all Boxing Ontario events and competitions, including regional championships and international events. It also means that STING works closely with Boxing Ontario to develop and improve the sport of amateur boxing in Ontario by providing support, training, and educational resources to coaches, trainers, and athletes.

This partnership is a testament to the quality and reliability of STING's boxing equipment, as well as the company's commitment to the sport of amateur boxing. It also ensures that the boxers in Ontario are equipped with the best quality equipment while they represent the province.

STING has IBA Approved Competition Headgear, Gloves and Apparel which is loved by many across the world!

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